Website Audits and Analysis

Website Analysis

I conduct detailed website audits to identify the areas where improvements can be made. My audits are thorough and extensive, enabling me to determine exactly what issues are present and where changes need to be made. An audit should always be done prior to starting any SEO campaign, the data is vital in formulating an accurate strategy in order to fully maximise the potential of your site. 

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Technical Audit

I look at any technical aspects that may be hindering the performance of your website. I look at how well a search engine can crawl the site and I identify any elements that need fixing or improving. I can also do a full backlink analysis to check your link profile and identify anything that could affect the performance of the site. Technical SEO is an important part of website optimisation. It requires a deep and thorough analysis to determine what changes need to be implemented. 

Content Audit

I look at how your pages are optimised and I create detailed reports outlining any on page factors that need to be addressed. I also look at your content to establish the best pieces to promote and whether the site could benefit from any additional content. 

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Easy to Understand Reports

The audit stage is very important to get a clear view of every aspect of your website in order to establish where I can make improvements. The audit is the first thing I do. I’ll provide you with a report that not only details the different elements of your site, I’ll also provide explanations and advise exactly what I can do to improve the performance and visibility of your website. I am an SEO expert in Bury with vast knowledge, expertise and a fully transparent approach. 

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