Technical SEO

Why is Technical Optimisation So Important

With so many people using search engines to find the services or information they are looking for, we want your customers to find you, not your competitors. Our technical knowledge sets us apart as not only do we optimise your pages and promote your content, we also take into account the technical factors beyond what is visible on the page. 

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Technical Analysis

Google algorithms are sophisticated. The aim of a search engine is to return the best possible results to a given query. If someone is looking for what you have to offer, it has to be you they find. We make sure search engines can crawl and index your pages. Helping search engines navigate and understand your content is at the forefront of everything we do and we’re pretty passionate about it. We want you to succeed and we want people to find your website. 

Improve Your Website Performance

We use sophisticated tools to analyse web pages and improve site performance. Visibility is key and we want to make sure you get found. We can provide detailed reports outlining any issues and areas for improvement as well as devise a strategy for implementing any changes. 

We provide thourough and extensive website audits to all our clients to establish where improvement need to be made. 

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Website Analysis in Simple Terms

The technical stuff can seem complicated and difficult to comprehend. We make things as simple as possible without bombarding you with unnecessary jargon and technical terms. It can be quite complex as there is a lot involved, we aim to keep our technical analysis as simple as possible and we’re always on hand to answer any questions. Website optimisation in Bury is what we do best and we’re passionate about the services we offer. 

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