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How Businesses Can Win With Search Engine Optimisation

Growing a business isn’t an easy task, it’s not always easy to reach your target audience and make sure that people in your local area are aware of the services you offer. The more people that know your business exists, the more likely you are to make more sales, it really is that simple. This is what I do. I work with businesses to help reach a wider audience in the local area. Ultimately, I help local businesses to grow their business

Search engine optimisation is the process of getting more people viewing your website. How this is done is a combination of many factors, I approach campaigns from both a technical, creative and analytical point of view. The most important thing to know is that the result of the work I do is business growth.

Website optimisation is one of the best ways to stay a step ahead of your competitors. I make sure your potential customers know about your services and I want them to come to you, not your competitors. I aim to get you more enquiries, more customers and an increase in sales. 

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How Local Businesses Can Make Use of SEO Bury

I like to think I’m different to a lot of marketing companies. I specialise in local optimisation, particularly in the Bury area. If you are a business operating locally, anyone outside of your areas of operation are not necessarily going to be interested in your services. 

I make sure that your business is promoted to a local audience and that we only target people within the areas you service. Local focus is what sets me apart from other companies, I bring your target customers to you.

I’ll make sure that I can help you get new customers and reach as many people as possible that may be interested in your services.

I Can Grow Your Business

Yes, you read that right. My sole aim is to get you more business. I’m not interested in complicated metrics or website visitors that don’t become customers. At SEO Bury, customers come first!

My focus isn’t just on getting more clicks to your site and increasing ranking. I want those clicks to convert. I want to bring more people to your website and turn those people into paying customers.

How I Work My Magic at SEO Bury

So how do I do this? I’m a specialist in my field. My methods are tried and tested and my campaigns are designed to get results. This service isn’t for everyone, I work very closely with clients to devise and implement a tailored strategy to achieve maximum impact and sales growth. Contact me to find out how I can help you grow your business.

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A Tailored Approach to Website Optimisation

I get that your business is unique and I understand that not all business owners work in the same way or have the same targets and goals. All of my campaigns are unique and every aspect of the work I do for my clients is based on their individual goals and requirements. 

Website optimisation isn’t a quick fix, there are many different factors involved. What I do for one business might not work for another which is why bespoke campaigns are so important.

I provide the best seo Bury has to offer. I am dedicated to helping local businesses achieve sales and revenue growth.

My Strategy


I work with my clients to get results. We’ll discuss your goals so I can get an understanding of your business and your target customers. I will thoroughly analyse your website to determine how I can drive more traffic and make sure potential customers can easily find you. I’ll create a plan of action designed to achieve maximum results.


We’ll begin to execute the strategy and start working on increasing your visibility. If you require additional content, I’ll create this for you and implement any changes to resolve any technical or on page issues. If you require any off page work, I’ll begin your campaigns keeping you up to date throughout. My process is very transparent and I’ll make sure you are aware of everything I am doing. The time frame required to see results varies depending on the competition and the keywords we are targeting but I aim to see a significant traffic increase within 3 months.

Track and Monitor

Tracking progress and monitoring performance is essential to make sure we hit your goals. We’ll look at how much traffic the site is getting  and how steadily your impressions and clicks are increasing. We’ll look at where the traffic is coming from and how we can make further improvements.

My Process

You have probably heard other businesses talk about implementing search engine optimisation on their website. Maybe you wonder what exactly this is? It’s a pretty complex combination of science and art. There is a lot involved, way more than most people realise. And no two sites are the same.

Here is a brief explanation of what is involved in the process…

First, we start with some keyword research. We need to know the terms that are used to search for the products or services that you provide. Believe it or not, most business owners don’t think about their products (or services) in the same way that their potential customers do. And even when they do start to write down a list, there are usually multiples of that list that actually get searched for. For example, if I asked you to write a list of all the search terms used for one of your products – you may well come up with a list of 5-10 terms. In reality, it’s very likely that there are 2-3 times that number at least. 

Next stop is competitive research. We look at your competition and see what keywords or terms that they rank for and are getting business from. We also look at the quality and quantity of content on their site, research the relevance of the content and decide how we can improve on it from all angles

After this, we look at your website. We are looking for the best way to structure the content, how it is structured in terms of main ranking pages and supporting pages and posts is extremely important. Google measures your site’s authority and relevance to a search term by the content on the site and how it is structured. It’s a bit like building a house. You’ll never get to the roof level if your foundation is not right. And on page SEO is the foundation of your website.

As your local experts, SEO Bury will look at the types of content on your site too. It’s better to have a good mix of article content, pictures, infographics and videos. Google likes to see content diversity – because that makes for a more interesting site. Google likes a diverse site because it leads to a better user experience. It’s great practice for your site from a user point of view, because including the use of videos is likely to result in your visitors remaining on your pages for longer. And they’re more likely to connect with you too.

This is only the start of it. There is a lot more that goes into implementing great strategy – but we don’t want to give away too many of the trade secrets!

We are SEO Bury, we do much more than just optimise websites, we grow local businesses. 

Why I'm Different


I'm very open about my strategies and processes. I'll share reports with you as well as live project trackers detailing the progress of your campaigns. I’ll let you know exactly what I'm doing, no hidden tricks.

Based Locally

I'm based locally, I'm more than happy to meet for a chat if you have any questions about my services. I'm also happy to arrange regular meetups throughout the process if you require. We can of course liaise via phone or email if you prefer.

Honest and Ethical

I have many years experience and I'm confident in my ability to grow your business. I conduct all campaigns honestly and ethically. No shady tactics, just honest hard work and real, tangible results.

Technical Expertise

I understand websites. I not only use a variety of in depth tools to analyse and monitor site performance, I also understand web pages at code level. My technical analysis is detailed, thorough and comprehensive.

Creative Approach

I approach website optimisation creatively as well as from a technical point of view. My work has been published on many different sites and I pride myself on my ability to provide high quality articles and web copy.

Personal Touch

Providing a quality experience is important to me and I strongly believe in providing a personal service. You’ll liaise with the me anytime you need assistance and I'm always on hand to answer any questions.

Local Campaigns for Local Businesses

Schwartz Digital is situated in Greater Manchester, just outside of Bury town centre. I’m only a few miles North of Manchester City Centre. Manchester is a vibrant city bolstered by the growth of the Northern Powerhouse and a significant rise in tech and digital startups. You only have to look at the Manchester skyline to see that the city is thriving. I provide services to local businesses throughout the Greater Manchester area. 

I approach all campaigns with a strong focus on helping clients reach a local audience. My campaigns are specifically designed to reach potential customers in your area. I am local, honest and committed to growing your business.

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